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Associate Professor In Finance And Academic Position

For this order, the client was in need of a fully restructured resume and a five-page statement answering nine Key Selection Criteria Points. In this case, the challenge was to ensure all relevant and important information was included in the resume whilst making sure it was easy to read and easy to locate relevant information for the recruiter. I was able to well prepare myself for the consultation with the client as he was prompt in his responses and was able to send through detailed information prior to our chat.

In this case, we focussed on the resume first and discussed what he felt was important. Through this approach, I was able to get an idea of the kinds of examples we could possibly use to demonstrate his capabilities for the advertised role, that were in line with the criteria points. Being that the client was unsure of how to articulate specific examples, I followed up our consult with some prompting questions about each criterion. This was a much easier way of looking at the criteria for the client, and he was able to send me detailed examples in this way. The criteria were as follows:

  • Demonstrated ability to direct an award program/s and implement program improvements and innovative approaches to student-centred learning and quality improvement programs.
  • Nationally recognised research track record including substantial record of research outputs in high quality outlets and emerging international recognition.
  • Extensive experience in research leadership with the ability to build and develop collaborative research teams, mentor academic staff to deliver high quality outcomes, attract and secure external research funding to sustain research effort, manage funded research projects including complex budgets and reporting requirements.
  • Extensive experience in supervising higher degree by research candidates to maximise research performance.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead scholarly development and manage and supervise academic teams and members.
  • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to financial, governance and quality management systems within a University.
  • Demonstrated high level of interpersonal, communication and negotiating skills including the ability to consult with senior executives, external bodies, produce executive reports, negotiate agreed directions, outcomes and targets within a collaborative environment.
  • Proven ability as an effective member of a management team that develops and achieves shared goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to teach in global locations and multi-cultural environments.

In breaking down such an involved and lengthy document the way I did, the result ended up being a much easier piece to read and follow, whilst still addressing all necessary credentials. Overall the client was pleased with the process and was able to submit the documents on time and with confidence.

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