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Senior Programs Officer Resume And Statement Of Claims

Having worked for over 15 years in various areas of community services, focusing their expertise on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocacy, the client was looking to further expand their knowledge and experience as a Senior Programs Officer, in a government position, facilitating important research into family history and Genealogy. The client had experience in researching their own family lineage and possessed a deep understanding of the history surrounding this area, in Queensland particularly. Through the delivery of culturally appropriate programs, mentoring and counselling indigenous families and individuals and providing a stepping-stone for broader cultural awareness and acknowledgement through the arts, the client had a unique range of transferable skills that met the key accountabilities of the position. These criteria included:

  • Vision
  • Results
  • Accountability
  • Technical/role specific
  • Cultural Capability

In this case, the client found it difficult to focus on specific skills and examples to demonstrate these points. Through continued support and communication, I was able to help simplify the process for the client and pinpoint strong examples that would thoroughly address what the outlined requisites were. I chose to focus on the client’s personal achievements highlighting their capabilities in applying for and obtaining funding grants, communicating with cultural awareness and respect and building strong working and productive relationships with key stakeholders and funding bodies. Through highlighting these points, I was able to produce a high-quality document addressing the criteria.

Furthermore, I restructured the client’s resume to draw focus to their extensive experience in working in crisis situations, their ability to relate and build trust with indigenous families as well as translate and comply with various policy, procedure and legislative requirements. These were listed as key areas of competency within the first page of the resume also emphasising, considerately, the client’s professional experience in the arts and their personal experiences as an Indigenous Australian.

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