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APS 6+ Positions

In today’s competitive job marketplace, it is hard to know whether your Selection Criteria is up to scratch for APS 6 positions. Applying for an APS 6 position and above requires an application that encompasses your strategic thinking and results-oriented skills, as well as your ability to build relationships, and communicate across the board. Selection Criteria Writers have a range of specialist writers for these more senior positions and can assist you in this challenging process.

As I am sure you are aware, not only do you have to demonstrate the above skills in your selection criteria, they also have to be written using the STAR principle. It is necessary to use specific and compelling examples from your current or previous roles and they need to demonstrate your ability to manage others, including colleagues. All of these requirements can be stressful and confidence-sapping to say the least.

The good news is that, like many of your fellow candidates, you can have your selection criteria professionally written. Not only that, at Selection Criteria Writers your criteria will also be professionally edited by our experienced editing team before it comes out to you. This means that once you receive it, you are ready to apply.

Of course, we do offer a 30-day revision policy after you receive your documents, so you can relax, knowing you will get documents which are of a high quality and tailored for you.

APS 6 positions are applied for by both current public servants, and external candidates. We cater for both, gaining all of the information we need through our phone consultation process. Our experience allows us to extract the best examples from you to use in your criteria and you can rest assured that your specific word limit requirements will be met.


Selection Criteria Writers have an excellent understanding of the different APS levels and requirements, understand the APS Code of Conduct and values and other information such as the Integrated Leadership System for APS Employees.

All you have to do is give us a call today and our team will allocate you a writer. The writer will then contact you to make an appointment for your phone consultation and you are on the way to getting that job.

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