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State Police Forces and Australian Federal Police

The application process for almost all roles within the state or federal police will include a requirement to provide a response against selection criteria. In order to secure an interview for a position, an applicant will generally have to show through their written application that they are able to meet the selection criteria.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) relies on five core capabilities that form the common selection criteria for every role in the organisation, while most state police forces have adopted either the Australian Public Service’s Integrated leadership System capabilities or a similar framework on which to base their selection criteria. Regardless of the particular framework that is adopted, these capabilities will spell out the consistent behavioural and leadership capabilities that AFP or state Police employees need to perform their duties at the level of the vacancy.

Applicants from outside of the police force will need to show that their prior experience and capabilities demonstrate their ability to meet the selection criteria, while internal candidates seeking promotion will need to show how their performance in their current role demonstrates their capacity to meet the standards required in the more senior position.

Police Selection Criteria

Professional selection criteria writers

It can sometimes be difficult for an individual to see how your work experiences and achievements relate to the core capabilities that are reflected in the selection criteria. An experienced selection criteria writer is skilled at talking with you about your past roles and identifying examples that demonstrate the capabilities that a selection panel is looking for.

In your written application for a state Police Force or AFP position, the claims you make against the selection criteria need to demonstrate your capability to do the job by providing relevant, current examples and evidence of achievements or potential. The AFP states in its information to applicants that it prefers these responses to be concise, and to provide relevant evidence based on up-to-date examples of your capabilities.

In many cases, a strict word limit will apply to selection criteria responses for police roles. A professional selection criteria writer will be able to convey the maximum amount of relevant information to the AFP or state police force selection panel in a concise and polished way.

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