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Experienced Senior Systems Accountant Key Selection Criteria

To apply for this position the client was required to provide a maximum of two pages outlining her suitability for the role backed by practical experiences and relevant credentials. Through consultation with the client and I discussed different approaches to the criteria points and decided to settle on two key scenarios that she had supplied me with prior to our consult. Using the two examples, I was able to demonstrate her extensive experience, expertise in the technical field and highlight her qualifications and how they had helped her become highly successful in the specialised area.

The position description was very specific about the responsibilities and accountabilities expected of the applicant and outlined that they were looking for a particular skill set. However, the criterion was to be addressed in broad terms and not individually. The points were as follows:

  • Considerable experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system administration, maintenance, support and development of an Enterprise Resource Planning system in a large and complex organisation, preferably in a cloud environment
  • Well-developed conceptual, analytical and problem-solving skills in relation to Enterprise Resource Planning systems and business processes
  • Experience in providing technical support to users, maintaining security and upgrade management and testing
  • Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to present information in a concise and articulate manner
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with a range of stakeholders, including internal staff, vendors and third parties to deliver successful outcomes

The brief was achieved by using keywords and phrases and only going into detail were absolutely necessary to prove the client’s capabilities. All in all, the end result had a well-rounded and informative approach to the criteria points, which was easy to read and follow. The client was extremely happy with her documents and felt confident in applying for the advertised position.

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