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Finance and Accounting Selection Criteria

Government organisations typically have unique application hurdles that need to be successfully navigated if you wish to be employed in the Australian Public Service (APS); your resume alone will not be enough to secure you an interview in the public sector.

Finance plays an important role as a central agency within the Australian Government and current market research predicts that the next 12 months will see an increased demand for financial accountants, business and commercial analysts, systems accountants, accounts payable and payroll officers.

With recruitment restrictions easing within the government and less reliance on contractors, there is a move towards permanent hires to drive efficiency and commercial awareness within Government functions.

While this is an optimistic outlook for the industry, the job market remains highly competitive with research and market intelligence conducted by Marks Sattin Australia showing that the percentage of finance and accounting candidates actively seeking a new role has risen above 80%. Therefore, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd with a detailed and concise application that focuses on your abilities, aptitude, skills, qualifications, knowledge, experience and personal qualities as the most significant indicators of job performance.

Finance and Accounting Selection Criteria

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With the majority of government selection decisions based solely on your written application, it is essential to address each key selection criteria, and it is the quality, rather than the quantity that is the most critical factor.

Responses to the criteria are expected from all candidates, from graduate to executive positions, each with a unique skillset determined by the APS work level standards. These can be difficult to decipher and often invoke anxiety or frustration for most job seekers; not just for the often long, wordy and cryptic criteria, but for the time required to put together an effective application that conveys your desire for the position. So how do you make the key selection criteria work for you instead of against you? By talking to one of our experienced Career Consultants at Selection Criteria Writers, we can help you create an application that will set you apart from the rest and boost your chances of securing an interview for your dream job.

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