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Our writing process is comprehensive yet simplistic in its method. The team of writers at Selection Criteria Writers will spend individual time consulting with you to gain information on your strengths, qualifications and experience that are relevant to the job. Our skilled writers know precisely how to uncover the best components of your job history, education and experience to put forth in your selection criteria response or capability statement.

Selection Criteria Writing Process

Structuring the responses

Our writers also know how to structure each response or statement to clearly show how your skills match up with the job requirements. One example of such is introducing the candidate with an opening statement which successfully explains their strength in written communication skills that have developed and progressed over the course of their career. This introduction should then be supported by detailed examples of just how these abilities have been demonstrated.

Creative ideas for each criterion and capability

Responding to each selection criterion or capability requires creativity which comes from our professional writing team. They will brainstorm various ideas from your recent work history and help you find examples relevant to each criterion or capability.

The preferred approach to key selection criteria and capability statements – evidence matters

Our writing team utilises the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action and Result) which is highly regarded in the public sector. Once they have worked with you to come up with a number of relevant examples, they will then gather more information about the situation, what your task or responsibilities were, the actions you took and what the result was. In government roles, the result is considered an important part of selection criteria responses and capability statements. It is your chance to show what you achieved and how you excelled in particular positions.

Selection Criteria Writing

Quality control – reviewing the content and structure

When your selection criteria response or capability statement is complete your application is carefully reviewed to ensure:

  • The consistent use of positive and specific language and the avoidance of ambiguous expressions (which could potentially reduce credibility)
  • The use of strong action terms and the absence of passive language when describing your qualifications and experience
  • That every aspect of the required criterion or capability is addressed with sound arguments, clear evidence and relevant examples
  • The responses are concise but contain enough relevant information to meet the requirements of the criterion or capability
  • It is formatted correctly and that it is grammatically correct

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