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How are selection criteria used?

Every public sector organisation (and some private companies) will ask you to respond to a range of key selection criteria at some stage of their recruitment process. The number of criteria can range from 3 or 4 up to a dozen and can include categories such as mandatory, essential and desirable criteria*.

The job description will ask that you address each of the criteria and will often specify a set length for your application. However, sometimes there is no page, word or character limit. In this case, the average response should be around 350 -500 words per criterion. You will be assessed on how well the information in your application matches the requirements of the selection criteria. If the selection panel is convinced that you have the capability to do the role effectively you will be short-listed for the next stage in the process (usually a panel interview).

How should I respond to selection criteria?

Selection criteria are simply the skills, abilities, knowledge, qualities and qualifications the business or organisation thinks you will need to perform the job well. The selection panel uses them to identify the right person for the role (first to select who to interview and then to develop interview questions or other selection tools). Your chances of being selected for an interview will be greater if you meet all the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria Writing

The best way to do this is to provide strong evidence of how you meet them, including specific details and if relevant, a successful result or outcome. Most government agencies recommend using the STAR model to achieve this (Situation, Task, Approach and Result). Selection Criteria Writers uses this model when they develop your application.

Often the hard part is knowing what examples to use from your work history and what sort of things to emphasise or highlight. Trying to put this all together can be a difficult and frustrating process. Also, you might find that you have too much information to fit into just a couple of pages or you may struggle to fill even a page.

What are selection criteria based on?

Selection Criteria HelpSelection criteria can be developed in a number of ways. Usually, the selection panel will go through the duties of the job and come up with the capabilities they believe someone would need to do these duties effectively. For example, the duty may be to provide counter service to clients in a busy service centre and the associated criteria “excellent communication skills”. The criteria may also be based on the organisation’s capability framework (see Capability Statements). Regardless of where the selection criteria come from, the team at Selection Criteria Writers have the skills and experience to determine what the panel is after and to help you create an application that delivers this every time.

Selection Criteria Writers consists of a team of educated and experienced writers well versed in this format as well as the CAR method, which is also highly regarded within the government arena. Using our incredible team of KSC writers, you will gain a leg up on the competitive job market with a selection criteria document that is certain to get you ahead of the pack. We ensure that there are no errors in any of your documentation, that all documents are formatted neatly while sentences are all grammatically correct and concise.

Developing Professional Cover Letters

The team at Selection Criteria Writers knows just how crucial a professional cover letter can be to the recruitment process. With a wide range of professional cover letters, our writers come from varying backgrounds in Human Resources making them ideal for the development of anything from Executive Cover Letters to Teacher Cover Letters. Selection Criteria Writers selects the most qualified person for your cover letter in order to convey your range of experience, knowledge and specialisations to best distinguish your application from the rest of the candidates and job seekers.

Creating a Superior Statement of Claims

Professional KSC writers will always ensure your statement of claims properly addresses the responsibilities required for the position you desire. Selection Criteria Writers develops this documentation to accompany your resume which states information that is strictly required to perform the role properly. Essentially, this data should be formatted appropriately with relevant examples that engage the department head in charge of the recruitment process. The best writers will specifically match your skills to the specified industry knowledge required for the position you seek.

Mandatory = if you don’t have this qualification the panel won’t consider the rest of your application
Essential = must demonstrate
Desirable = nice to have

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