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Defence Selection Criteria

When you apply for a position with Defence, your application must address the selection criteria. Selection criteria are used to help the selection panel identify the right person for the role, and describe the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications that Defence has deemed that an applicant needs to perform effectively.

The written application for a Defence position should provide sufficient and relevant information to allow a selection panel to shortlist candidates to the next stage of the recruitment process. Competition for positions within Defence can be tough, and it is likely that your application will be competing against strong candidates, both currently within Defence and from outside organisations. It is therefore essential, that to make it over the first hurdle of the recruitment process, you are able to submit well-written responses that address every component of each of the selection criteria for the role.

Our selection criteria writers are experienced in preparing selection criteria responses for all levels of Defence positions – from graduate recruitment opportunities to Executive Level and Senior Executive Service roles. Many people are aware that the language used in a government application is very important, but getting that language right can be more of a challenge.

Defence Selection Criteria

Typically, a superior response to selection criteria for a Defence position will incorporate the language used in the position description, the job advertisement and the Australian Public Service’s Integrated Leadership System. It’s something of an art form to describe your experiences, capabilities and strengths in an authentic way while using the ‘right’ language for a Defence job application.

It’s extremely important when responding to selection criteria for a Defence position that you provide specific examples of your experience to demonstrate your competencies. Many people make the mistake of responding to selection criteria with general statements or claims that are not supported by the evidence that the selection panel will be looking for. A professional selection criteria writer who is experienced in the Defence recruitment and selection process can talk to you about your work achievements and experiences, and produce selection criteria responses that show how your experiences demonstrate your competencies with regard to the selection criteria.

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