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As the world’s most comprehensive professional network, LinkedIn features more than 200 million members from around the globe. With over 4 million members located in Australia alone in 2018, LinkedIn has become an invaluable resource solution for the successful recruitment of effective employees for a multitude of influential companies in a broad range of sectors all throughout Australia.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Importance of a LinkedIn Profile

Properly written and designed professional LinkedIn profiles can assist in branding as well as the effective positioning of yourself within a particular industry. While networking with other professionals or executives in your specific job market, your LinkedIn presence can subsequently increase your hiring potential with highly regarded recruiters in your field. The well-written execution of a LinkedIn profile can even provide you with unique career opportunities which may have otherwise been inaccessible to you.

With word of mouth referrals, an abundance of specific career information and company stats, professionals remain up to date with all of the latest news in their industry through the LinkedIn network. This platform allows professional individuals actively seeking gainful employment to connect with a wide-ranging assortment of essential components in the hiring process from recruiters to hiring managers and Human Resource Executives. By maintaining contact with former colleagues, employers and other contacts, LinkedIn offers individuals the chance to expand their potential network for career advancement.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Complete LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Selection Criteria Writers provide complete LinkedIn profile writing services from beginning to end. The process starts with a comprehensive interview with you concerning your career goals, employment history as well as any applicable commendations and achievements.

Additionally, your personal consultant will convey just how each individual can take advantage of the optimal features which the LinkedIn network has to offer. This sort of knowledge proves highly beneficial by offering you an incredibly competitive edge over other prospective candidates. With the assistance of the team at Selection Criteria Writers, you will discover and connect with essential contacts within your industry such as recruiters and HR Managers.

While we obtain detailed company stats, our service will provide you with a keyword optimised profile which specifically highlights your qualifications, skills and achievements. By developing a comprehensive profile that stands out from the rest of your career competition, we can attain higher rankings through the LinkedIn platform which enhance your overall visibility to both recruiters and potential employers.

A professionally written and designed LinkedIn profile from Selection Criteria Writers is an extensive online marketing and career searching tool which can effectively illustrate the expertise that qualifies you for the most advantageous positions in your job market. Display your professional brand, career history and overall employment value with an optimised LinkedIn profile developed by our team of collaborators immediately in order to gain the utmost in career enhancement.

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