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Assistant Liaison Officer For Health Sector

In this case, the client required assistance with answering a number of broad criteria points within a two-page statement. Whilst being more than suited for the role, it was a position with slightly more responsibility and with more freedom to contribute to the Department with creative problem-solving techniques, as well as ensuring these ideas were in line with policy, procedure and legislative requirements.

The client had held a number of involved roles where legislative requirements were complex and where there were many deadlines to be followed. Being that the limit was two pages with multiple points to be covered, we worked together to ensure that we used the strongest examples from the client’s career to include the points thoroughly.

The criteria we needed to address were as follows:

  • Display Resilience and Courage
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Deliver Results
  • Technology

During the consultation, I went over each point, further translating the requirements with the client to ensure that she was satisfied we had covered each point appropriately. As the criteria points were elaborated on within the advertisement, outlining the behavioural indicators that the employer saw as main indicators demonstrating the points, we approached them focussing on the client’s examples that best reflected four main fundamentals. These were innovation, communication, and her ability to implement new strategies and produce results. In doing this, we ensured that all areas were covered as well as the key focus of the role.

When writing, I used keywords and phrases peppered throughout the document, thus providing further backup to the client’s claims addressing the accountabilities and cementing their suitability for the role. The result was a well structured, flowing two-page statement/cover letter that reiterated achievements highlighted on the clients resume in more depth and comprehensively reflected the versatility of the client’s transferable skill set.

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