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Executive Selection Criteria – including EL1, EL2, SES1, SES2 and SES3 Positions

It’s no secret that applying for senior executive positions in the public service is unnerving and time-consuming. It doesn’t matter how much experience and knowledge you have, if you cannot get it down on paper, you will never get that job. Selection Criteria Writers have numerous specialised senior government writers who understand the requirements of applying for positions ranging from EL1 through to SES3 positions. Our writers have written many applications for roles in this range and have an excellent understanding of the Integrated Leadership System and how this relates to the selection criteria requirements.

Executive Selection Criteria

The most common problems people have in writing their applications for senior executive positions, include pitching their application at the right level, ensuring their criteria are to-the-point and concise, and selling their capabilities for a higher level role than what they are currently in.

Once you have decided to have your criteria written professionally with Selection Criteria Writers, this process becomes much easier. We will have a phone consultation with you to gather information and to extract the best examples you have from your current or previous roles. Only our most experienced writers are allocated to senior executive roles, ensuring you are working with someone who has the skills to deliver quality documents.

Plus, once your documents are written, they are sent to our professional editing team to ensure your application is of a high quality in terms of writing, grammar and alignment with the ILS, the criteria and the STAR method of criteria writing. We also offer you our 30-day revision guarantee, which gives you peace of mind knowing you can request changes if you need to.

Overwhelmingly applied for by current public servants, senior executive roles are very competitive and, let’s face it, hard to get. Having your application professionally written and edited means you can save the time it would take to labour over it yourself, whilst also ensuring a high-quality document is produced.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, simply call us today and our team will be happy to oblige. Once you have decided to have your selection criteria written by us, your writer will then be allocated and will contact you to make an appointment for your phone consultation.

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