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Tailored Services To Match Unique Needs

Initially, this client wanted assistance in structuring and writing a two-page statement of claims for a HIAS Officer role (Medical Administrator). Prior to our scheduled consultation, she sent through all relevant information, including a pre-completed statement and an up-to-date resume. Through this organisation, I was able to be adequately prepared for the consultation and guide the client in the right direction, as well as encourage her to provide strong key examples of her ability to work in her desired field.

Upon talking with the client, it came to my attention that the documents she had sent through had been written through a similar service but that she was very unhappy with the end product. With this understanding, I made sure that I really allowed the client to express her expectations and what she actually wanted to achieve.

Once I began writing the statement, I began to see that her resume was also of poor quality and would not match the style of the re-written statement I was going to provide. Upon seeking some advice on this, I brought the issue to the client’s attention and was able to offer a tailored service, within her budget, where I could re-edit specific parts of the resume to ensure that both documents reflected consistent quality. This is highly important when applying for a role asking for proven written communication skills.

Once we were able to reach a satisfying agreement for the client, I was then able to provide a high-quality key selection criteria and comparable high-quality amendments to her current Resume, resulting in the client experiencing a very happy outcome and a redeemed overall experience with professional writing services.

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