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The Best Method For Addressing Key Selection Criteria

Addressing Key Selection Criteria

You have just found the perfect job and then you notice that part of the application process involves addressing key selection criteria. How do you do this successfully? There are many different ways to write your responses to KSC, however, there are a few key rules which need to be kept in mind to ensure that your responses are effective. The best example to use when writing your responses is what is known as the STAR model.

How does this approach help answer selection criteria?

Good Question! But before we give you an example of how this method improves your responses ten-fold, let me explain a little of what it is.

S – Situation

T – Task

A – Action

R – Response

Now that we know what the different letters of the model stand for, you can use them for addressing key selection criteria. The key thing to remember is to make it relevant and to demonstrate your positive involvement. Now let’s put it together in a response scenario.

SCENARIO: – There has been an increase in incidents of workplace harassment and discrimination toward the female staff members at XYZ Construction. This has been brought to your attention and as the manager, you have determined that something needs to be done to resolve the issue before it gets totally out of hand. If we break the scenario down into its four elements in line with the STAR model we would get the following:

S – What was happening at work? Was there something that needed attention, or a problem to be solved? Example; harassment, bullying, discrimination

T – What needed to be done? Example reduce the harassment, bullying or discrimination.

A – What action did you take to resolve the issue?

R – What was the outcome?

Addressing Key Selection CriteriaANSWER

I responded to an increase in harassment and discrimination at XYZ construction toward the female crew members, by participating in a cross-departmental initiative to design, develop and implement appropriate training in harassment and discrimination.  As a key member of the team, I was instrumental in the revision of workplace harassment and discrimination policies and ensuring all staff members were provided with training and instruction.  Post-training, the incidence of harassment and discrimination significantly decreased and a new policy of annual training and refreshment was implemented, in addition to ensuring these areas were covered comprehensively during the induction of new staff.

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