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Read Before You Respond

Read before you respond!

Selection criteria come in a wide range of formats, dependent upon the industry you are working in. They are specifically written and tailored to elicit responses and gauge the skills and experience level of candidates for a particular job or position.

How long do I make my responses?

There is no single answer which covers this in its entirety. Answers to selection criteria can be governed by stipulations placed by employers, recruiters or HR personnel. If no stipulations have been mentioned, the general rule is a ½ page or approximately 300 words per response.

Responding to selection criteria is complex at the best of times. It becomes even more challenging when different elements are combined into one question. When responding to this type of question you need to ask yourself — What is the employer trying to find out? How can I best answer this question? — This will guide you in formulating your answer.

Selection Criteria FormatKey Selection Criteria or Statement of Claims?

Another important factor when first reading and interpreting selection criteria is to determine what format of response the employers are seeking. For example, is the response format requesting each of the Key Selection Criteria (KSC) be addressed on their individual merits; or is the response to be written as a Statement of Claims (SoC)?

Statement of Claims

A SoC is a comprehensive single response which flows well, answering each criterion fully, and illustrating with examples. It can be anywhere in length from two pages to the maximum stipulations covered in each individual application. The emphasis is on ensuring that you answer and respond to the KSC questions accordingly using the STAR model. The STAR model is a system employed by many employers and recruiters to ensure that candidates clearly highlight how they took action in a situation or scenario through:

S – situation

T – task

A – action

R – results

Read more about the STAR model here

If you are one of the many people who find responding to selection criteria confusing and time-consuming, seeking the services of professional writers such as Selection Criteria Writers is a winning move. The talented and gifted writers from Selection Criteria Writers are all experienced in a wide range of industries and possess the capacity to write compelling and winning selection criteria responses for clients in all levels of employment up to senior management level.

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