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Selection Criteria: The STAR Method

Address Selection Criteria Correctly

When addressing selection criteria it is key to note that an employer is looking for a correlation between your demonstrated or obtained skills, qualities, abilities and knowledge in comparison with the requirements of the position they are advertising for.

With this in mind, it is important to put some forethought into your responses. Answering key selection criteria is not a simple process and take hours, even for an experienced person.

The STAR model can help you with the development of your answers. What is the STAR model, you may ask? It is the most widely used framework for presenting information in response to key selection criteria. When used, the STAR model helps provide clear examples of your skills, knowledge and approach to work and situations.

SITUATION – Describe the situation you were in

TASK –What did you need to accomplish? What was the problem or issue and what was your role?

ACTION – What action did you take, outline the steps or process you used.

RESULT – Outline the outcome. What was accomplished?

When answering selection criteria it is advisable to utilise this 4 step STAR model process to outline your answers for each individual criteria ensuring that you cover each component.

Initially, dot points are fine to get your thoughts out and then you need to ensure that your response reads and flows with structure and continuity.

For those of you and there are many who feel that Selection Criteria writing is still beyond your capabilities, you have the luxury of being able to engage the help of professional resume and selection criteria writers. As professionals, we understand what employers are looking for and how to give it to them with panache and impact.

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Written by Eva P.

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