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Never Underestimate The Importance Of Selection Criteria Writing

Job applications are a stressful time. Just finding the right job to apply for is a demanding and time-consuming process.  But once you’ve found the right position, because of the competitive nature of job applications, the tendency can be to rush forward, dashing off your resume and cover letter fast and paying scant attention to perhaps the most important aspect of the application – the key selection criteria document.  A recent article in The Muse highlighted what can happen when you rush.

This is the moment you should pause and contact us.

So what exactly are the key selection criteria?

The Importance of Selection CriteriaThe KSC is a document that will allow the prospective employer to make a fair and accurate assessment of the capabilities of the applicant to understand and fulfil the pivotal duties of the position on offer. Your response to the criteria, or ‘competencies’, will be crucial to whether the employer grants an interview or not.

Our team of professional writers are on standby to help you stand out from the crowd, clearly and concisely address the requirements of the KSC document and secure that interview.

Our writers have been hand-picked from the highest levels of the HR industry and government recruitment specialists. We are committed to giving you the very best chance of sitting in front of your prospective employer.

We will spend time with you to discuss your strengths, qualifications and overall suitability for the position. We adhere to the STAR methodology (Situation, Task, Action and Result) which, in Government roles, is considered an essential tool for answering critical elements of the KSC.

Our skills rest in the ability to coalesce these techniques with your qualities into a professionally written document that both answers the requirements of the KSC and adheres to the word-count specified.

Then, it’s a thorough review to make sure nothing has been left out or misrepresented, and we’ll help you pen a winning cover letter to tie the KSC to your resume. Using will give you that critical edge over the competition and help you nail that interview. Call us now to see how we can help you.


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