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Nursing Client Returns For New Application

A returning customer to Select Resumes, I had assisted this client in addressing a comprehensive list of nursing criteria several months previously. She informed me that she had gained an interview from the selection criteria we had collaborated on and passed the interview. However, when the recruitment team called her manager for a reference, the manager stated she would not be suitable for the position. Shocked that her manager had done this after stating she would give a good reference, the client was looking for similar positions to apply for with a trusted referee in place on her resume.

Working together to discuss STAR examples and additional information to address the new criteria, I drew from my knowledge of the client and her skills during the consultation to elicit solid examples of her comprehensive nursing skills in the workplace.

During the consultation process, I realised that while the client had only asked me to address the new criteria for her to add to sections of her previously completed documentation, this would result in the required application format not being adhered to correctly. Working together with Sales, we amended her order to have me complete the whole document, resulting in less stress and confusion for the client and a cohesive overall document.

Blending the information I had from the original consultation together with the information gathered in the current application process, I restructured the format to meet the current requirements. Working collaboratively with the client to refine and strengthen her STAR examples, she ended up with an application strongly addressing the criteria and covering all the responsibilities of the role in Cover Letter format with the criteria bolded throughout to make the application easy for recruiters to skim read.

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