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Nursing Graduate Program Cover Letter

The brief for this graduate program was a cover letter responding to a set of criteria questions. Unlike general selection criteria, which need an example to demonstrate the point being made, this set of criteria were focused on identifying the area of focus the applicant wanted to work in, and their preferred geographical location.

As nursing cover letters are typically one page, the client asked that the cover letter adhere to that limit. Working with the client to respond to the criteria, I also used out consultation call to discuss other skills and attributes to include in the letter. Wishing to focus on the skills that would best support them in an ICU setting, the client explained their experiences and abilities around time management, adaptability, and crisis management.

As the client spoke, I realised that their values aligned strongly with those of the organisation they wished to work with. Weaving these values into the cover letter alongside the selection criteria allowed me to effectively demonstrate their ability to work within the organisation’s systems and processes to ensure the highest standards of patient care are maintained. Though the application is yet to be finalised, I look forward to hearing back about their progress.

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