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10-Point Key Selection Criteria For A WH&S Expert

This client was looking to gain a secure role where he could leverage his workplace health and safety (WH&S) qualifications and experience. While he had limited experience in a formal WH&S role, he had high-level formal qualifications and had made significant improvements in his current and previous workplaces, so we were confident we would be able to come up with strong examples to address the key selection criteria.

For this particular role, there were seven criteria to address, all with a specific weighting, as well as three qualification/licence responses. These included;

  • Nationally recognised formal WH&S qualification or demonstrated ability to obtain a qualification
  • Current QLD ‘C’ Class driver’s licence
  • Current Construction Industry General Induction Card (White/Blue)
  • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to Work Health & Safety Legislation and Equal Employment Opportunity principles and practices
  • Demonstrated experience in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of WHS management systems and associated safe work procedures
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the WH&S regulatory framework, principles and practices with the proven ability to investigate workplace incidents or hazards and make recommendations to remove or minimise risks
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and delivering in-house presentations and training programs
  • Demonstrated initiative and flexibility in approach to work, combined with the capacity to challenge, looking for improvement in processes and outcomes
  • Proven ability to build a rapport with employees and effective working relationships with colleagues, supervisors and management, teamed with a high level of communications skills both written and oral
  • Demonstrated ability to adhere to Council’s Corporate Values: Employee Health and Safety, Client Satisfaction, Respect, Teamwork and Accountability

To get the most out of our consultation and ensure it was productive, I spent some time preparing a comprehensive email coaching the client in the STAR process and the types of examples we would need to discuss to ensure a strong response. This meant that when it came to our call, the client was prepared with sufficient information, which I used as the foundation for probing questions to ensure the right amount of detail would be provided for each response.

Whilst there was no specific word limit for this application, I made certain to keep responses concise but balanced them with enough detail to strongly support the client’s claims to the role. This included using keywords/phrases from the position description and highlighting how the client’s skills and experience led to specific outcomes in their current and past roles.

The resulting key selection criteria response is robust and detailed, showing how the client is the perfect fit for this role. It was due to the fact we were able to collaborate successfully that we were able to work as a successful team in preparing the application.

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