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Interview Skills Coaching Tips

Interview Skills Coaching

You have secured an interview for that much-desired job and now you may be experiencing nervousness on whether you can successfully close the deal and land the job, after all the hard work you have gone through in preparing your application. In some cases this preparation can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, involving writing a cover letter and responding to numerous key selection criteria. You don’t want to jeopardise your chances at the finish line!

Selection Criteria Writers offer personalised interview skills coaching which is specifically tailored to suit each candidate and the role they are applying for.

Interview Skills CoachingHow does interview training help?

Interview skills coaching is designed to help you overcome nerves and build your confidence when you attend an interview. Our coaching has been proven to directly result in a higher success rate of candidates securing the role they are seeking.

The interview coaches at Selection Criteria Writers are all highly trained professionals and experts in their field. They have extensive knowledge of current recruitment practices, often coming from Human Resources backgrounds themselves.

As part of the interview skills coaching sessions our staff will:

Prepare you for the style of questioning you can expect at your interview

Show you how to deal with panel interviews

Guide you on how to respond to questions with confidence

Advise you on how to dress and behave at interviews

With our professional tutelage, you will shine at your next interview and the skills we teach you can be adapted and used in any future interviews. Furthermore, they are lifelong skills which create an exceptional foundation to help people become better communicators in both professional business environments and their personal life, making them highly desired and sought-after skills.

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