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Hone Your Interview Techniques

The effort that goes into finding the right job is hard. Landing an interview is even harder. Don’t let all that effort go to waste by “winging” the meeting and thinking your qualifications and experience alone will see you through  – they won’t. The interview process is designed to filter the few who have met the requirements of the key selection criteria and narrow down the field to the one lucky candidate. That’s not to say interviewers get it right, a recent article from Forbes highlighted the five worst questions you could be asked in an interview.

Interview TechniquesAs for candidates, there are common pitfalls in interviews are that are easy to fall into. At, we have dedicated interview coaches who will help you avoid the common problems and give you the best shot at a successful interview.

So where did your last interview go wrong?

You weren’t enthusiastic enough, either about yourself, the position or the company. That’s doesn’t necessarily reflect the truth, sometimes candidates want to seem cool, calm and collected, but this can come over as disinterested. We’ll help you develop interview techniques that will convey your true enthusiasm for the role and the company.

You simply said what you think the interviewer wanted to hear. It’s fair to say you have to do your homework about the organisation you wish to work for, but if you just repeat their mission statement back to them, they’ll pick up on this straight away. We’ll teach you how to convey independent thought that still mirrors the company ethos without sounding like you’re reading from their website.

You failed to develop a rapport. This may sound inconsequential but the fact is, your interviewer wants to like you, it is after all, they who are seeking an employee. Even if you are a natural introvert we can help you develop the right interview techniques to put you on-side.

If any of these pitfalls sound familiar, that’s exactly why will help you through the interview process. With as little as one session, you’ll be ready to sit down and ace your interview. Call our interview coaches today for an informal chat.

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