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Principal NSW

This client was an acting Principal and had a wealth of experience in leadership roles. Although she did not have a specific job to apply for, she knew that she would be applying for positions in the near future. For this reason, she wanted to have the general selection criteria written so that when a role she liked came up, she would be able to concentrate on the specialist criteria.

Although I had already written several leadership criteria for NSW, before the consultation, I had read the guide to application writing for leaders. This meant that during our chat, I was able to ask pertinent questions that reflected all aspects of the criteria. I found out as many examples as possible for each criterion and cross-referenced the details with written materials the client had sent previously.

The writing was intense, and I was determined to use the best examples to highlight the client’s strengths; the issue being to keep it close to the one-page mark. As a result, I have created a concise and in-depth response to all the criteria which will give her an advantage when a role comes up.

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