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Station Duty Manager Resume And Key Selection Criteria

Having built a career in the transport industry, the client was looking to take the next step into a Station Duty Manager. The new position would allow him to focus on his people management skills, which was a passion of his. The position involved contributing to the running of efficient rail services that exceed customers’ expectations, support growth and contribute to the broader community and the economy. The application required that the client present a resume, and a response to two targeted questions, as follows;

  1. What have you done to model good customer service to your team and customers? Provide a specific example of when you have done this, and what was the outcome for you, your team and the customer?
  2. Tell me about one of your team members who became more successful as a result of your assistance/coaching. How did you assist/coach your team?

This was a high priority order, so I secured a discussion with the client straight away. The client provided a current resume, which I used as a basis to draw out information to present a resume which would set him apart from other applicants. Engaging the client in a discussion regarding his strengths and key achievements in regards to his career, I was able to present a resume that better served as a document to showcase his skills and experience. Moving to the targeted questions, I asked the client to provide detailed examples in regards to the questions provided and was able to delve into the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) format in order to present our responses with structure and confidence. Teasing out these details, I was able to present a response to the targeted questions that presented his customer service and people management skills in detail. As a result, I demonstrated the positive changes which had occurred thanks to my client’s skills.

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