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Selection Criteria, Resume And Cover Letter For Experienced Education Officer

This was a priority order for an experienced Education Officer needing a very fast turnaround for a resume, cover letter and two responses to Selection Criteria with a limit of 4000 characters each. With limited time and a need to acquire all the relevant information to produce high-quality documents, I had the client send through everything she could provide prior to our consultation. This meant sufficient time for preparation and that I could get an idea of the questions I needed to ask during the consult. Approaching the task in this way allowed us to hone in on the necessary credentials to be focussed on and aided the client in concentrating on significant achievements related to the position. As the client was adequately experienced but was looking to move into a field she was more interested in, Environment and Sustainability, rather than transport, we highlighted her transferable skills and ability to adapt and apply knowledge. Going through the related skills and attribute the client possessed prompted the client to share additional and useful information with me that she previously didn’t think of. In doing so, I was able to complete the client’s documents with a unique edge that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

The criteria points where as follows:

  • Describe a successful curriculum-based program you have developed and delivered. Describe the components of development and delivery that made it successful?
  • Describe your experience in managing casual staff. What systems have you used to effectively coordinate resources in a similar role? What issues have you encountered with this function of the role and what did you put in place to manage these effectively?

As the criteria points allowed us to specifically describe her skills and current projects, I collated the resume and cover letter in a way that would enable the documents to be used in subsequent applications for other positions. The result was a successful three a three-day turnaround for the client, producing three quality documents, enabling her to apply for the position in time and with a high level of satisfaction.

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