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Selection Criteria For A Clinical Nurse Manager Role

When alerted to an expression of interest period for a Clinical Nurse Manager, my client knew the role was perfect. Already undertaking many of the duties, she felt she would flourish in a higher position, but was unsure of how to best respond to the following selection criteria:

  • Proven clinical expertise and knowledge in the assessment, treatment and referral of clients, using evidence-based practice, relevant to Walk-in centres
  • Proven achievement in the effective leadership and management of contemporary nursing services, with advanced financial and human resource management skills that lead to an efficient and effective service
  • Demonstrated ability to consult, collaborate and negotiate, with internal and external key stakeholders, service organisations, consumers and colleagues within the multidisciplinary environment to cultivate productive working relationships and to support best health outcomes for consumers
  • A demonstrated ability to operate autonomously and apply sound judgement when making organisational decisions. Proven commitment and ability in the development of a learning, teaching and research orientated work environment
  • Demonstrates a commitment to work, health and safety (WH&S) and the positive patient experience and displays behaviour consistent with Canberra Health Service’s values of Reliable, Progressive, Respectful and Kind.

Working with the client, I ensured each example contained enough detail and context to best showcase her experience and commitment to exemplary patient care, without relying on jargon to prove knowledge. It’s important to remember that the hiring committee can include people outside of your profession and ensuring all readers can understand and relate to the examples provided gives the best chance of success. By giving clear information as simply but professionally as possible, you’re not only showing respect for readers but also displaying your ability to tailor communication effectively.

Noting the organisational values within the final criteria point, I wove them throughout the other responses as well, subtly highlighting her dedication to upholding them within her work. Taking time to reflect upon an organisation’s values and how you already uphold them in your work lets readers see your understanding of their organisation, and often, that your own professional values align with theirs. This can be a great way to build rapport with potential employers.

Developing concise, detailed responses allowed me to appropriately showcase the client’s skills and experience while adhering to the two-page limit, and I am confident that we have given her the best opportunity for success. I look forward to hearing about her application progress.

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