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Making LinkedIn Work For You

Making LinkedIn Work for You

We all like to think of ourselves as social media savvy. Networking has never been easier to achieve in our technological world and the networks we create can be crucial in finding that perfect job. If there is one standout networking social media space you should be utilising – it’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and now has over 200m users around the world, with over 8m in Australia. In its simplest form, LinkedIn is a forum for users to make contact with current and previous work colleagues, keep abreast of trends and news in their industry and find out about openings or to post jobs.

Making LinkedIn WorkIt has proven to be a highly successful and results-driven networking tool. Brendan Browne, LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting, has a rather unique indicator to identify whether people who make the interview stage at LinkedIn are the right candidate for the job. No matter the position being applied for he’ll hand the candidate a marker and tell them to write on a whiteboard what they are most passionate about and to explain the process of how that works.  He explains that the seemingly straightforward task reveals to him what the candidate cares about, how they cogently explain their passion, and how they deal with the ambiguity of the task. (Source)

It’s an interesting method and one that works for Browne. But first, you have to get that all-important interview. At our team of professional writers will help in creating a compelling LinkedIn profile that will position you in the best possible light for openings in your field. We’ll have an in-depth discussion with you to discuss your career objectives, qualifications, experience, and industry awards or achievements. At the same time, we will carry out research to thoroughly interrogate your field and the type of positions you wish to target.

We’ll then optimise the features LinkedIn offer to your profile, which has now been keyword-optimised to give you the very best chance of seeing and being seen by industry peers and potential employers.   You’ll now be positioned in a very advantageous location in one of the most visited networking sites in Australia and the world.

A professionally prepared LinkedIn profile from will give you a competitive edge over your peers and showcase your expertise and experience to its best advantage. Contact us today for a chat and no-obligation quote.


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