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Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile

Are You Getting The Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile?

Before LinkedIn, it was more difficult for the average professional to reach the people who could help advance their career. LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to get your name out there and network with professionals in your field. With more than 645 million users, LinkedIn allows you to connect with people from around the world. The professional social network makes it easy for anyone to reach out to their dream employer, hiring managers, mentors and other industry professionals.

A LinkedIn account works for you 24/7 and it can be a powerful tool to move your career forward. However, as with any social media, LinkedIn only gives back what you put in. So how do you make sure you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile?

Let Your Profile Do The Talking

Your LinkedIn profile should list your current skills, work history, accomplishments and testimonials. Use a professional headshot and write a relevant summary and headline. Make sure your profile is easy to read and uses pertinent keywords. It is important to invest time and professional effort into your LinkedIn profile. Your profile is often the first point of contact for a prospective employer. You want them to find you easily and just from reviewing your profile know they want to find out more about you.

Engage Your Network

Even without actively networking it’s not hard to build up a reasonably sized network. At each new job, you add a few of your coworkers. Old school and university friends reach out to join your LinkedIn network. So you’ve got all these connections but how many of them even know you’re still there? Stay up-to-date with your connections. Congratulate them on new jobs, engage with articles they share or posts they write. Write your own updates, tell people about your accomplishments and share interesting and relevant articles. When you stay active you appear more regularly to your connections. 

Selection Criteria Writers can help you with your LinkedIn profile

Be an Active Group Member

There are plenty of specialist groups on LinkedIn. You can join groups for other employees at your company or alumni from your university. Groups can connect freelancers with potential clients. Some keep professionals informed of specialist industry changes. There are groups for anything and everything. Find some relevant groups and join in.

It is important to be active so you don’t drift into the background. Introduce yourself, ask questions, help others in the group. Just remember to be polite and professional, no one wants to see you spamming self-promotion. When you engage with a group your connections to others will develop organically.

Keeping Up To Date

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can leave a lasting and positive impression. A well-written LinkedIn profile is always working for you. It can open doors even when you’re not actively seeking new opportunities. But it can be time-consuming to keep on top of your LinkedIn presence.

Selection Criteria Writers offers a range of career services including LinkedIn profile writing. Our consultants can work with you to develop a powerful LinkedIn profile. The profile we create for you will focus on your achievements and key skills and put all your best qualities on display.

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