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Key Selection Criteria For Senior IT Government Role

A Senior Service Desk Analyst with over five years of IT experience, the client was ready to utilise his strong set of skills and expertise for a Government role. In order to apply for a Senior APS 6 position, he needed to submit a 800-word Key Selection Criteria Pitch. The description listed five criterion points to be addressed, as well as the necessity of IT qualifications or three year of experience in IT support roles.

In preparation for the consultation, we agreed for the client to think of specific examples which demonstrated best his suitability for the role. During our call, the client expressed that he found it difficult to narrow down to a couple of situations and to be precise about them. Through asking him specific questions whilst discussing his various roles, I was able to guide him and to find two great situations where we could showcase how well he did match the criteria.

Whilst drafting his document, I made sure to insert the exact words used in the position offer, especially the criterion points and their specific descriptions, to create a stand-out pitch. Although the client did not possess relevant IT qualifications, we were able to highlight his extensive experience in technical and leadership roles, consistently proving his proficient commercial acumen, customer service, technical skills, time management and cultural awareness.

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