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High Level Management Selection Criteria With Strong STAR Examples

Aiming to advance his career into a senior management role within the higher education support field, this client approached Select Resumes to assist him in addressing the five-point selection criteria for the role he had found. Looking over a previous application the client had put together, his resume, and the job description of the position he was applying for before calling him, I had a clear picture of the information I needed to gain to demonstrate he was able to perform the role to a high standard.

As this was a high-level management role, I focussed on using multiple STAR examples that demonstrated not only the selection criteria but highlighted his ability to perform each of the duties listed in the position description (PD). A strong communicator able to think on his feet and problem solve swiftly, the client answered each one of my questions clearly with minimal follow up needed for me to clarify the processes involved in each example.

Using the language contained within the PD and echoing the client’s own voice with specific descriptors and turns of phrase he himself used throughout the conversation, I began constructing his application. A smooth process due to the information he had provided me with, after the document had been edited and the finished product was provided to the client, he emailed me to say he was happy with how the document read, however, he would like to add some additional information.

Collaborating on the final draft of his Selection Criteria, the client added information into his document, tracking the changes, and I worked on this from my end until he was satisfied that the final product had all the information he wanted and his edits polished by me.

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