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What Is The Purpose Of Key Selection Criteria?

What is the purpose of Key Selection Criteria?

Key Selection Criteria (KSC) are widely used by government and large organisation in the recruitment process to assist in making the most accurate match between the needs and requirements of positions and the skills of the applicant.

When applying for positions within the government, teaching, nursing and accounting industry as well as some corporate and executive positions the completion of Key Selection Criteria is often a part of the application process.

Key Selection Criteria will often come with a set of rules attached which could include a limit on the number of words to be used for each individual criteria through to a maximum length for all criteria responses and will be found in the application information. To be eligible for consideration you must meet these requirements as a minimum or your application will not even be considered.

Key Selection Criteria will often be considered individually and cannot be interlinked relying upon other documents for support. Each criterion needs to address the question and stand on its own giving concise examples and responses to what the employer is seeking as part of a candidates set of demonstrable skills and experience.

The number of Key Selection Criteria can range anywhere from 1 or 2 right through 8 to 10 criteria. The answering of Key Selection Criteria is often considered the most daunting aspect of a job application and many people struggle with their understanding of the questions which can often be ambiguous right through to how to layout out their answering and what content to include and omit.

Perhaps the key point to remember is that employers are looking for concise examples of how you have demonstrated a skill and are not interested in fluff.

If you are like so many other people in the job search arena and find yourself interested in a position which contains Key Selection Criteria you don’t need to worry. There are professional such Selection Criteria Writers who thrive on the challenges imposed by employers. We will work closely with you in gathering information which we will then use to compile your responses in accordance to all the requirements of a particular application adding strength and credibility to your application.

Contact us today and allow us to use our expertise to your benefit.

Written By Eva P.

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