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What Is A Capability Statement?

What is a Capability Statement?

 A capability statement is a document specifically written to showcase the –

Core competencies – these are brief statements of how your core competencies directly correlate to the targeting role and relate to what your potential employer is seeking in its employees.

Past performance – ideally this would include how your past performance has contributed to your current or previous employer’s success. How you have been instrumental in your duties.

Demonstrated experience – this would include examples of how you have demonstrated the claims you are making by giving clear and concise instances of how you have and currently contributed to the specific key responsibilities than an employer is advertising.

Government organisations use capability statements with regularity to differentiate potential candidates and group them according to the necessary skills and level of competency.

How to write a capability statementA capability statement is also used by smaller companies vying for a slice of the lucrative government contracts available. Due to the abundance of skilled and highly experienced individuals and organisations targeting the small percentage of positions available, it is critical that your capability statement reflects your qualifications and demonstrable ability to perform and excel in the desired key responsibilities and role description, allowing you to stand out from other candidates.

How to write a powerful capability statement

In writing an effective capability statement, it should be short, approximately one to two pages in length, to the point and specifically related to the role you’re targeting. It needs to be visually stimulating, tell a clear story of your achievements, and how your skills, experience and expertise qualifies you for the position you are seeking. Your skills may not necessarily be in the field you are looking for, however, if you can clearly demonstrate how your current skills and expertise are transferable and how you are able to benefit your targeted company this will boost your application.

If you need help in writing your next capability statement call the experts at Selection Criteria Writers, we have a team of highly skilled writers from various industries and backgrounds happy to help.

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