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TO4 – Pathology Collections Manager – Key Selection Criteria

This client was a highly experienced Pathology Collections Officer who had worked in acting positions at a higher level on a number of occasions. Although, the role she was applying for was officially two levels higher, she was more than capable and knowledgeable enough to fulfil the role requirements. In this case, I was to write the Key Selection Criteria for the client. Having worked in the field extensively, she was very prepared with well-aligned examples to aid in a smooth consulting process.

During our consultation, we focussed on ensuring we chose the best examples to demonstrate key factors of the role, for each criteria point. I was able to also get a good idea for the clients work style and was able to add in extra information that allowed for the client’s personality to shine through as well as offer additional insight into the clients work ethics and personable demeanour. This was above the standard Selection Criteria specifications. This approached worked as I felt it would help the client’s application to stand out as a highly desirable candidate for the role, likely being one of the most experienced and senior applicants.

Focussing on the positives for being a more seasoned applicant, along with favourable personality traits and her extensive knowledge and experience, made for a well-rounded, easy to read and informative document. In addition, I offered the client some pointers for her resume that ensured both her documents aligned. The client was extremely happy with the end product and confidently applied for the role immediately.

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