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Resume Update And Midwifery Program Selection Criteria

I had previously worked with this client last year for a job application and was pleased to see I would be working with her again. The client, a Registered Nurse and Midwife, required a resume update and two-page selection criteria for a Midwifery Refresher Program she wished to apply for.

The job advertisement had two sets of selection criteria. To ensure we provided an accurate response, I called the employer to clarify the selection criteria that was to be answered. Taking the initiative and extra step with my client, enabled us to move forward confidently.

At the outset of the consultation, I engaged the client in a discussion about her recent employment and career to update her resume. She had been working as a Remote Area Nurse for a few years and wanted to return to midwifery within acute care.

Gathering and drawing upon her acute care experience and passion for midwifery, I developed her selection criteria using examples. I ensured she provided me with a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result for each example to enable me to put together suitable responses using the STAR model.

I also explained why she was interested in acute care and her overall nursing skills. This allowed me to produce a strong response to her suitability for the Midwifery Refresher Program.

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