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Professional Statement Of Claims

Professional Statement of Claims for any Job or Industry

What is a Statement of Claims?

Essentially a statement of claims is exactly what the name suggests. A written account of your skills and experience in response to key selection criteria and how you display them in your work environment.

How do you write a Statement of Claims?

Before we answer this question, let’s discuss where and why statement of claims are used. Primarily government agencies utilise SoC’s to assess qualifications and demonstrable skills of potential employees for an advertised position.

To write an impressive statement there are a couple of very simple rules which need to be addressed every time.

  • Your statement needs to be short and concise 1 to 2 pages maximum (unless otherwise stated)
  • It needs to answer the core competencies as highlighted by the employer in their key selection criteria
  • It needs to clearly show how you have demonstrated fulfilling these competencies in your work history with outcomes
  • Your statement needs to flow in a logical fashion from one point to another clearly bring forth the points an employer is seeking

 Writing a Statement of Claims

Writing a statement of claims for a job application involves research to ensure that you have the information the employer is requesting. You need to make sure that your examples are to the point with minimum fluff. Give clear examples of your abilities and back these up with tangible evidence.

As a critical part of the application process effort and devotion needs to be given to the preparation and writing of your statement of claims. Selection Criteria Writers have a team of professional writers from a range of industries who are all highly experienced in the preparation of impressive statement of claims.

If you find that you either don’t have the confidence or the time to devote to preparing the best application possible contact us for professional assistance. We are here to help!

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