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Mentoring Beginning Teacher EOI

Having worked as a Teacher for over 12 months, this client was looking to support new educators to the profession as a Mentoring Beginning Teacher. With extensive prior experience in community-focused roles, the client was an ideal candidate for this role and during our consultation, I focused on drawing out several strong STAR examples that would demonstrate his ability to perform in this capacity.

As the client is already working at the school the position was advertised, we decided it was best to draw on his recent experience from the school, as well as integrate a mixture of other examples from his prior role and community contributions. We were required to demonstrate for key selection criteria;

  • How do I demonstrate exemplary pedagogy and content knowledge?
  • How do I show capacity to model and share practice and actively contribute to a learning community as an educative mentor?
  • How do I demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and the capacity to develop and sustain productive relationships within and beyond the school community?
  • How do I demonstrate understanding of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and how to move beginning teachers from the graduate to proficient career stage?

To ensure I got the best examples from the client, I ensured to send him an email comprising vital information and prompts as to the direction to take with each of the selection criteria points. This was highly effective and during our call, the client was prepared with of valuable examples that we discussed in length.

With the perfect mix of information and examples, I was able to put together a strong and competitive application for this client, clearly showing the school why he would be the best person for a mentoring role.  This included integrating the school’s strategic plan and elements of the APST.

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