Selection Criteria Writers, working with its business partners can provide you with a complete career management package. You can access some or all of our career services and choose a package of support and training that best suits your needs.

Selection criteria response or capability statement + resume + letter + interview skills coaching + LinkedIn profile

While your selection criteria response or capability statement is the most important part of your job application, it must by supported and substantiated by your resume and cover letter. The most successful candidates are the ones who present a strong, integrated package of skills and experience across their response or statement, resume and letter.

Selection Criteria Writers can provide you with a complete careers service package of these documents, as well as exceptional interview skills coaching and a professionally written LinkedIn profile. You can also request any of these options separately without the response or statement, or ask for any combination of products to meet your needs. One of our professional consultants can provide you with advice and information on all these options.

Interview skills coaching

When you secure an interview for the position, we are also available to provide you with expert interview skills coaching . Each session is tailored to you as a candidate, and the specific role you are targeting.

Some of the highlights of interview skills coaching include:

  • Conveying professionalism and enthusiasm both vocally and through body language
  • Portraying yourself in a manner which would best serve the applicable job position
  • Selling yourself effectively as a professional ideally suited for the position
  • Easing nervousness and any anxieties which often accompany interviews
  • Articulating ideas to illustrate correct and concise points or messages
  • Presenting yourself as a confident, prepared and organised candidate
  • Answering questions of intense difficulty in a convincing manner
  • Maintaining adequate eye contact to ensure geniality and trust
  • Preparing for a wide ranging assortment of potential questions
  • Making a positive and long lasting first impression

LinkedIn profile

To ensure that you are positioned to advance your career in your chosen field, we can help you create a professional LinkedIn profile that markets your skills and abilities to prospective employers.